Connect Cords

Our Connect Cords link us to opportunities to make a difference where we are and with what we have. Connect Cords links us to opportunities to invest in one another—and thus they link us to opportunities to invest in OURSELVES. 

For each The Bright Lights Pre-Launch Connect Cord bought—we’ll donate 10% of the profit to organizations doing meaningful work that advances and honors our constitutional right fought to vote/voter protection (VOTE/Good Trouble), the importance of and commitment to racial equality and criminal justice reform (BLM/Good Trouble) and the legacy of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg through supporting one of the nonprofits dearest to her heart—building bridges between Israeli Arab & Jewish children through integrated education (RBG).

Connect Cords Are:

  • Mission Specific 
  • Time-Limited
  • Created for Women and Men

17 products

17 products