The Notorious RBG Cord
The Notorious RBG Cord
The Notorious RBG Cord
The Notorious RBG Cord

The Notorious RBG Cord

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To honor a giant and remind you of the giant within you.**
For each RBG bracelet you buy, 10% of the profits will be donated to Hand in Hand (more information about nonprofits below).* And 100% of the remaining will support a Black Female-Owned business.

Custom created for you and One Of A Kind—Like YOU.
Description & Details: 
A black and white jade bracelet mirroring Justice Ginsberg black robe and legendary white collars with the acronym RBG.

• Black Jade (4mm)
• White Jade (4mm)
• White Letter beads (6mm)
• Gold Vermeil Accent Beads (1.5 mm)
• Strung on a clear stretchy cord 

Available for Women and Men.

How to Determine Your Bracelet Size:

• Wrap sewing measuring tape or thin strip of paper/ribbon SNUGLY around wrist
• Mark length and measure that marked length with a measuring tape or ruler
• Select your closest size from the drop-down menu 

Sizing & Styling: 
Connect Cords are designed to be worn at the wrist and will have some stretch. Please do not add any extra length when measuring.
If you’re between sizes or you’d prefer to wear the Connect Cord more like a looser bangle, please size up to the next available option. 

*About Non-Profits RBG Cord Supports:
• Hand in Hand:  One of Justice Ginsberg's most beloved organization works towards a future of inclusion and equality for Arab and Jewish citizens of Israel by fostering peace, respect and understanding between Jewish and Arab students through its network of trailblazing integrated bilingual public schools where Jewish and Arab children learn together -- and from each another. 

**Arguably the most famous dissenter. If you’re female, some things you can thank RBG for:

  • Being able to sign a mortgage without a male co-signer
  • The ability to own a bank account without necessitating a male co-signer
  • The right to be able to not be openly and legally discriminated against at your job because of your gender
  • Your ability to have children and not immediately lose your job because of it

If you’re a POC, you can especially appreciate her for continuing to support things like:

  • The Voting Rights Act of 1965