Human/Humana Silver Plated Cord
Human/Humana Silver Plated Cord
Human/Humana Silver Plated Cord
Human/Humana Silver Plated Cord
Human/Humana Silver Plated Cord
Human/Humana Silver Plated Cord

Human/Humana Silver Plated Cord

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An affirmation: There is not one human being who is inherently superior or inferior to any other regardless of citizenship,  race, gender…. Each person is valuable. And each person should be treated as such.

A reminder: We’re strongest when we champion one another and celebrate what makes each of us unique as well as all the ways in which we are very much the same.

We‘ve been heartbroken to hear about children as young as 2 years old separated from their parents and forced to face immigration hearings without adequate support and about the alleged forced hysterectomies of women in immigration detention centers.

We can ALL agree that children shouldn’t have to fend for themselves without support and no one should be subjected to forced medical procedures

this this ISN'T a PARTISAN issue, IT'S a HUMAN one.


For each HUMAN/HUMANA bracelet you buy, 10% of the profits will be donated to Kids In Need of Defense (KIND) & Project South.*And 100% of the remainder will support a Black Female-owned business.

Custom created for you and One Of A Kind—Like YOU.

Description & Details: 

A statement silver plated heishi bracelet with gold plated heishi accent beads surrounding the word “HUMAN” or “HUMANA.

• Silver Plated Heishi Flat Round Disc (6mm) 

• Gold plated Heishi Flat Round Disc (6mm)
• White Letter beads (6mm)

• Strung on a clear stretchy cord 

Available for Women and Men.

How to Determine Your Bracelet Size:

• Wrap sewing measuring tape or thin strip of paper/ribbon SNUGLY around wrist
• Mark length and measure that marked length with a measuring tape or ruler
• Select your closest size from the drop-down menu 

Sizing & Styling: 

Connect Cords are designed to be worn at the wrist and will have some stretch. Please do not add any extra length when measuring. 

If you’re between sizes or you’d prefer to wear the Connect Cord more like a looser bangle, please size up to the next available option. 


*About Non-Profits HUMAN/HUMANS Connect Cords Support:

• Kids In Need of Defense: Provides legal and holistic support to children separated from parents during immigration hearings.

Project South: Supports human rights building and is conducting an investigation into the claims of forced sterilizations of women in the immigration detention centers.